Book Releases 2021 . . .

Carthage North Carolina

Check it out a slew of new book releases by DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. ( in consortium with dpInk Ltd. Liability Company ( . . . who provides back end development . . . such as articles, booklets, brochures, business development, capture administration, grants and federal proposals, marketing and promotions, press releases, proposal solution architecture (federal, state, local), and website content, design and development, etc.

There’s more to come! These are diverse and entertaining titles from our selection of authors under our imprints:

  • 2nd Spirit Books – LGBTQ
  • Beat Deep Books – Entertainment
  • Ironmantle Books – Romance
  • Katsujinken – Weaponry
  • Laughingcleaver Press – Comedy, Humor, Satire
  • Little Buggy Productions – Children’s Books
  • Moondust Media – Dramatic Works
  • Nocturnum’s Muse – Horror and Mystery
  • Pashar’s Sage Press – Non-fiction
  • Thunderforge Pubs – Fantasy and Science Fiction

If you have a book idea write to:

If you’d like to have something developed…

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