40 yr. rock ‘n’ roll engineering veteran releases his access all areas memoir

Rock 'n' Roll: It's Better Than Working for a Living
An All Access Areas pass to the history of “Rock ‘n’ Roll”! Get your copy today!

40 yr. rock ‘n’ roll engineering veteran, releases his access all areas memoir . . .

Rock ‘n’ Roll: It’s Better than Working for a Living, written by former sound and monitor engineer, Michael (Mick) Tyas is a sensational, often humorous, yet personal glimpse into life behind the life of nearly every major rock tour from the mid-1960’s onward. Mick’s biography shares intimate details and facts derived from an extremely successful career as ‘the sound guy’ working behind the scenes among rock industry giants while within this unique community. This is an exciting book, which describes the business of music in great detail. It also shares the adventures, antics and foibles of performance art and traveling shows.

To read more visit: http://www.examiner.com/review/40-yr-rock-n-roll-engineering-veteran-releases-his-access-all-areas-memoir?cid=db_articles


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