Walk for Health ~ Walk for Life!

Carthage North Carolina

15 pounds lost in 2 weeks - let's walk for health! It's easy!!!!Lately, for health reasons, my adult traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor son and I began walking to the grocer’s, using reusable bags, and walking home. In so doing, we’ve both lost about fifteen pounds in two weeks . . . not bad at all. Not only have we lost weight, our appetites have changed and so have our eating patters as a natural outcropping of walking.

What a wonderful result of what really is a fun and easy process. It does make going to shop a little bit of a longer experience but we are able to stop in at Steve’s Pizza (who sell Pho) and have a bowl of Pho and other edibles at the halfway point on the return trip when laden with bags full of essential items.

This is reminiscent of our East European friends who often shop for meals daily rather than load the refrigerator with…

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