COVID-19 in 2020

Author Nichole - Miss Nikki - Troupe

Even though it is technically considered covid-19, we are dealing with it in the year of 2020. This virus is affecting everyone everyday in more ways than one, whether you have it or not. It affects how you interact with one another whether it be work, socially, family, or just friendships. Lately, the way I’ve been dealing with situations has been different than the ways I normally do. Being confined in a room where the only visitors I can have are the people who work in the home really takes a toll on my mental health. People aren’t even allowed to see or touch their own family members, we have to be separated by a door or window just to be able to see each other’s faces. Sadly, people are losing loved ones and cant even say goodbye or missing the birth of their niece or grandchild because only one…

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