Beat Deep Books to Re-edition Book One of Faces of Rap Mothers

Fast is the catch phrase of the new millennia; however, when it comes to book production – fast and furious – is not the coup de grace and Beat Deep Books Imprint learned this valuable lesson in 2019.

CARTHAGE, N.C.Jan. 20, 2020PRLogBeat Deep Books Imprint, of DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C., signed Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell for two series works: Faces of Rap Mothers and Rap Mothers Save The Day in 2019. Candy, a driven personality, insisted on expedited production fall 2019. Faces of Rap Mothers Book One includes nearly four hundred (400) images Mitchell provided representing contributors and herself. In under three hundred (300) pages – amassing 400 images – in under three (3) months by our small, woman-owned, traditional publishing house that features Indie and traditional platforms in an expedited guise has been magical. Faces of Rap Mothers Book One has been nominated Most Entertaining Hip Hop Book of 2019 and our team remains impressed with our results, but rushing publications can result in issues.


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About Faces of Rap Mothers Book One:
Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell, Ophelia DeVore Mitchell’s niece, shares stories of rap and hip hop’s most infamous icons in her Faces of Rap Mothers book series. Foreword is by Mr. Jeffrey Collins, a notable music industry giant. Through a minimalist aperture, a series of Contributors join Candy sharing intimate details of their life within the rap and hip hop culture, from the 60’s onward. Their trysts, and histories, provide readers alternative retrospectives. Rising from shadows of the megalith performers these women love, readers are given an all stage pass with backstory access, from the cousins, nieces, mothers, sisters and/or wives of rap and hip hop’s most luminous legends. Familial journeys, which may inure the strongest women, share how these ladies have thrived amidst elements of soul.

About the Author of Faces of Rap Mothers:
Growing up with family woven in the civil rights fabric of Dr. Martin Luther King, a blessing befitted to Candy, resulted in her own human and civil rights interests. As an advocate, she testified on Capitol Hill while airing on news broadcasts in aid to the plights of others but her involvement in media and entertainment, as CEO of Black Cash Records, is where her two book series, Faces of Rap Mothers and Rap Mothers Save The Day originated. Candy’s two book series share her aspirations, which are supported by entrepreneurial and solopreneurial efforts her Contributors share. With a son and daughter (KING THA RAPPER and HONEY), who are rap and hip hop artists themselves, Candy asks readers to enjoy the glimpses into the day-to-day lives of industry Superstars whose life events are shared through original images and story. Book one re-releases January of 2020, and book two releases April of 2020. The first, Rap Mothers Save The Day children’s title, Jay’s First Day At A New School is scheduled to release on Valentine’s 2020.

About the Author:
An enigma to some, Donna L. Quesinberry blooms on the footpath of continuous evolution. Residing in the quiet Town of Carthage, rural North Carolina, just outside of Raleigh and local to Pinehurst and Southern Pines – two prestigious golf communities, Ms. Quesinberry continues to develop solutions architecture through dpInk Ltd. Liability Company and publish books through DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. Additionally, she is the co-owner and proprietor of the J. F. Cole House with her son, Mr. Jamie Hatcher, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) work-related brain insult survivor. Currently, DonnaInk Publications features ten (10) imprints that are genre specific and the authors hail from five (5) continents and nine (9) countries. Donna has produced over 10,000 varied documents and publications in an over thirty (30) year literary fiction and technical nonfiction career. She has two long haired chihuahuas and three kitties and is an emerging edible garden landscape queen.

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