DonnaInk Publications to release, “Laughter and Other Considerations”

The second in the “Poetry and Prose” series by Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, this is a selection of poetics that are entertainingly light-hearted with reviews, commentaries and back-stories for receptive readers.

NEW YORKMarch 22, 2019PRLog — DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. announces the second series volume, “Laughter and Other Considerations,” which is currently available in pre-sale through

Laughter and Other Considerations

AMAZON, Barnes & Noble, and DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.’s Pashar Sage Press Imprint. This title is a step toward the positive as Ms. Quesinberry’s second title in her series, “Poetry and Prose.” Each title contains poetry and prose, with reader and expert reviews, and back-stories behind the works. Additional information shares are included in the extro and supplementary sections as well as artwork and poster art.

“Laughter and Other Considerations,” as the second volume of Ms. Quesinberry’s Poetry and Prose series follows her first volume, “Stolen Lullabies and Secret Impasses,” which is being re-released in second edition alongside this volume. The first book in this series featured works relative to child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, and sexual assault; however, “Laughter and Other Considerations,” is brimming with sunshine, happiness, and lite humor.

As an uplifting second volume, Donna’s latest title aids readers in the knowledge that even after sorrow, laughter materializes. When life deals epic human tragedies, and it does for everyone, there are always other considerations to strengthen our psyche. Donna shares, This title reveals the certainty that life improves and that there is light is at the end of every tunnel. You just have to believe, conceive, perceive and receive!”

Donna’s works are covered with unique brick design covers – this volume housing daisies in colorful art-forms. Readers extend quality remarks and positive feedback regarding the work. Stating it is the most artistically creative work ever read among other commentary.

About the Author: Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry is an author | poet | senior business writer with a 30 yr. history. She earned accreditation to accommodate a dual B.A.B.S. & C.S.B.S. and a Certificate of International Affairs focused on Eastern Europe and the Middle East. She earned 1/4 of a MBA and has been educated in theology at 500 hrs. mostly as a Sunday School teacher. She has broadcast live and taped on CNBC regarding women’s issues during Anita Hill crisis and for varied podcasts, streaming radio, etc. As a single mother, she raised five successful adult children and is currently a grand-mere’ to eleven wee sprites. She currently resides in Carthage North Carolina.

Donna coaches while managing multiple business tracks including, dpInk Ltd. Liability Company where she is Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) featuring a business development, capture administration and proposal architecture / technical communication management consultancy; DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. where she is Founder and President of her small woman-owned Indie publishing initiative; ZenCon Arts where she is President of her small woman-owned media and public relations consultancy; J. F. Cole Mercantile, trading since 1889 where she is the Proprietor of the Airbnb Suite in her historic home shared with her adult son who sustained a work-related traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2003.

Donna is an avid reader / writer and is fond of angelic (before the fad), spiritual and supranormal books; also fantasy, intrigue, political, SyFy, thrillers and women’s issues. She has written over 10,000 articles and stories, published in varied guises, ghostwritten a number of technical and fiction books. She’s served as a syndicated columnist for four columns. Q, as her friends call her, has also created, designed and developed courses for business, parochial and university classrooms.

Both “Laughter and Other Considerations” and “Stolen Lullabies and Secret Impasses” are available in pre-sale on AMAZON and Barnes & Noble. Additionally, through DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. these titles are available at the lowest cost with a 25% discount currently taking place at Visit today and use the code: 25%Off at checkout.

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