The Confidence Of Holding Out To Your Style As An Emerging Writer

As a writer, your creativity is a close cousin of your confidence. It takes a pool of self-assuredness to get the ideas flowing. Your pen basically dances to the vibes emanating from your head and thus you need the best of psychological countenance to give your best writing.

However it is not very easy sustaining your creative cockiness as a writer. There are periods when doubts infests your psyche and your pen frets between your fingers. This is understandable as you are writing for an audience who are multicolored ideologically with opinion spread across a disharmonious spectrum of perspective. What is medicine for one may be poison for another yet wine for the next. The heat of criticism coming from our diverse audience can readily melt our confidence.


Still this is no justification for your pen losing its self-esteem. While you hungry audience waits with their cutlery to devour your write-ups, it doesn’t change the fact that you are the one cooking it. This means that irrespective of the fact that you are writing for people to read, you shouldn’t entirely sieve off your charisma from your write up. The write-up must still in a way have your mental stamp, the letters must still in a way photograph you, they must have your identity!

As a newcomer and a writer who has not yet left bold marks on the global writing scenery, the best of humility and courtesy could be demanded from you. You are just coming in and should cling the writer’s constitution to your chest religiously. Sacrifice your style on the altars of status quo and “belong”. But such orderliness violently kills your identity, drowning you in the crowd. And they are like “oh! he is just of the writers” at the end. By then you are already drenching with ordinariness and your unique identity six feet below the ground.

In as much as you shouldn’t overdo it, you have do stand out! You have to be “audible” at least even if it doesn’t mean to be overtly loud. How about you wear a swimsuit among the crowd of suits? Crazy! But just stand out!

You need an intelligent mash of bravery and caution to do this. Don’t storm your audience with your style full throttle. They might easily get disenchanted because you don’t have the big name to implore patience from them to check you out. Do it in careful bits, spice up the conventions with a bit of deliberate disobedience at times. Write off the rules at times strategically, soon they would tolerate your misdemeanor and soon they will enjoy it! It is a gradual climb to the D-day where your efforts culminate into a frenetic audience ready to alcoholically consume your write-up; drinking it all up and wanting more.

At the start, you will need confidence to do this. In the famous words of the darling enigma Theodore Roosevelt “Believe you can and you are halfway there”. Holding out to your style is not easy but you successfully make your audience love you for what only you can write!


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