What is a writer’s block and how to break through it

As a writer there are those moments you don’t just have the flair to write anything. The pool of creativity you drink from goes dry, and you are inspirationally dehydrated: not a single drop motivation left in you. The erstwhile pen which dances excitedly between your fingers gets so “heavy” scribbling sparingly under duress. You can just can’t write anything. Felt that moment before? Yes such moment is called a writer’s block. Every writer’s forced holiday!

Donna.jpgWorried you are passing through a writer’s block? It is completely normal. When your creativity is locked behind the bars of a writer’s block, you feel too intellectually damp for that spark of motivation that would set you ablaze with writing passion again. You just don’t know what to write, you are probably not in the mood to write. Worse still, you don’t even know when you will be restored to the “mood”. Truth is a writer’s block can bite a huge chunk of productivity off you as a writer if you don’t quickly combat it. Therefore in as much as it is normal to be afflicted with a deficiency of inspiration once in a while, it is the writer’s battle to wrestle his pen from this writer’s block, get restored, and start writing again. Let us examine some simple remedies for curing your writer’s block.

In most cases where a writer suffers writer’s block, the brains wants some time relaxing time off the office- a break! Your brain is as mortal as you are and gets tired too. At such times, you need good rest. In a writer’s block, the virtual pipes connecting your head to your hands are clogged with stress, hence the ideas don’t flow from your head to the paper easily. The more you labor over a drought of inspiration, the more time you waste. So just take some time off the desk and get a nourishing rest. You could feed yourself a sumptuous sleep or an exercise probably. The main thing is your head hungers for a tasty distraction!

Donna3At other times, you must have spent hours resting hoping to be drenching with enough creative energy to unleash on your pen, only to feel that eerie mental dreariness of a persisting writer’s block. Then it is obvious rest shouldn’t be in the medicine bag. Worried the machines in your head are no longer grinding out ideas? Maybe you have not oiled those machines in a while! Yes maybe you have not read in a while! One way to get watered with inspiration is to be submerged in a stream of inspiration. Explore and read other materials, it is nutritious to your creativity. The spoonful of ideas from other material you read would pool up and get you drunk with creativity. So reading can give you that exciting prison break out of the cells of a writer’s block!

Lastly, one of the craziest ways to get writing again when plagued with writer’s block is to stop writing! Sound like the way out of obesity is voraciously eating burgers even on the toilet seat? But this is true in this case. When you face a writer’s block, honorably drop your pen and go on a brief exile. Seek asylum with friends, fun places, family and do some crazy stuff. You are going to miss writing, and when this crave condenses, you have a unique drive to grasp your pen and vomit some liters of letters in creative wonder!




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