How to identify your unique writing style

Just like everyone has his/her own body smell, so also every writer should have his own writing style.

It is quite sad many writers desert their personal unique style, jumping on the bandwagon of a famous writing style most times brought to the fore by another successful writer. However, sometimes in all the rave of criticism, you could need to monogamously marry your unique writing style, faithfully staying with the latter through the thick and thin, evolving with your style over the ages.

happy writer

Your style is the voice of your pen, this is why it must have some individualistic edges you shouldn’t hurriedly scrape off. Your style basically entails how you cook your words together. Your career as a writer may take your pen through several escapades of writing about multiple characters in multiple stories. Each of these stories should however be reasonably perfumed with your style and all lead back harmoniously to one source: YOU.

How do you; however, develop or discover your own writing style?

The first way to discover your writing style is to write. Does this sound weird? This is one practical way you can dig deep and connect with your true writing style. Write as much as the strength of your pen allows. Just take your mind off publishing first and explore the fierceness of your passion. Fill the books with the overflowing volume of words. It is in the plenitude of your works, that your style would naturally come to you. You can see it from its natural re-occurrence in most of your works.


Another way to discover your own writing style is to play around and write freely. As much as writing is professional, we shouldn’t forget the recreational side of writing too; it is equally a mental exercise. So briefly veer off the constitution and have fun writing once again. Open that deep concavity of your creativity the rules didn’t necessarily allow you to explore when writing. Awaken all your senses when writing this. Once you are through, read through your most natural piece, there you are seeing your unique writing style in its raw state.

The last way we will be looking at to find your unique writing style is to steer off clichés.

Certainly there are popular writing styles that some famous writers could have brought to the limelight. That style may become the center of the party with as many writers tuning their pens to catch the frequency of this popular style, eventually replicating it.

Taking the first step - Ambition

Try as much as possible to avoid jumping into the crowd if you intend sailing by your own style. As much as you should learn one or two ideas from famous writing styles, don’t make them the ultimate goal you want to reach. Just take some recipes from there and cook a fresh style for yourself. This way, there will be an intellectual illumination beaming around your style that gloriously separates it from the rest.

Driving to the end, we have seen ways which we could discover and develop our writing style. When you have your own writing style, your write-ups bear your distinct creative DNA, with your charisma largely imprinted on them. This way you are proudly distinguished!


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