Soundings From An Empty Sea reaches #353 on AMAZON

Soundings From An Empty Sea

“Soundings from an Empty Sea,” by Matthew Cody has reached #353 on AMAZON in its genre. This acrostic book of poetry regards human relationships; most of which feature arguments and most over trivialities. The poet believes if one individual in the relationship makes decisions, the amount of stress or distress goes down. Then the amount of peace and pleasure goes up. As with all relationships, they are personal. Mr. Cody hopes his readers will find their piece to life’s puzzle and/or allow themselves to be transformed based on trust. This is a Rated R title.

About the Author:

Matt Cody spends most of his time wandering. Looking for puzzle pieces that fit. The puzzle is himself. In-between searching there reading and cooking and baking. Eventually, when he at least find the boarder pieces, he will settle down to fill in the body. These are the works of a future Bed and Breakfast Owner.

“Soundings from An Empty Sea” is available at for deep pocket discounts; also available on AMAZON, B&N and “other” fine retailers.


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