The Composer and The Flycatcher ranks #132 on AMAZON!

The Composer and the Flycatcher by Diana Arco

The Composer and The Flycatcher’s unique style is a direct result of poetess Ms. Diana Arco of Mexico and it is ranked #132 on AMAZON today.  Here is the back-story:

Guido feels lost and without hope. Alone, he drinks his pains and sorrows away with alcohol. Due to his sadness, Guido cannot play his violin or compose music anymore. He feels his life no longer has a purpose. One day, a small Flycatcher flies into Guido’s window.

Hope arrives for the composer once again as the Flycatcher’s angelical signing, rhythm and voice stirs Guido’s heart and soul. The effect is strong enough for him to play violin and to compose new works once more. However, Guido’s inspiration gives way to pain, when the Flycatcher seeks payment as his by requesting Guido’s daughter’s soul. The Flycatcher wishes to take Aletta as his own because while living in Guido’s home he has fallen in love with her.

But Aletta, has discovered true love in the form of Nero, a strange, yet handsome new man in town. Nero falls ill in Aletta’s arms and she becomes determined to save his life. When Aletta later learns the intention of the Flycatcher, she is torn between the love of a daughter for her father and the love of a woman for a life with Nero – in the end she is driven to tears.

Enter the hunchback witch who travels from town to town to aid people. Does she have a cost? Can she help Guido, Aletta, Nero and the Flycatcher? What she does for others, depends on the state of their very souls; and, delivers a powerful message to readers.

About the Author:

Ms. Diana Arco feel in love with the affect words have on people at an early age; she states, “Words are able to dance free as if they are floating.” Blessed with amazing life experiences, Diana has provided Cultural Representation at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Mexican Pavilion. Her love for fantasy fiction is coupled with her gift of prose resulting in, “The Composer and the Flycatcher.”

Today, Ms. Arco resides in Mexico where she works as a writer and talent artist representative booking live shows there.


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