“Overcome Your Adversities”

Motivational Coach Chip Esajian


Chip Victorious Hat


“You weren’t created to yield to your adversities, but to victoriously overcome them!” – Chip Esajian


Adversity: a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress; unfortunate event or circumstance…


Victorious day to you my amazing friend! Did you know your adversities,  if pressed into, victoriously strengthen who you are towards becoming who you were created to be? My amazing friend, I’ve realized in my life that our mindset can be an extraordinary ally or our worst enemy!  Life is to be celebrated, because it is truly an extraordinary gift! But it is your mindset that decides where you live! You can choose to either live in the land of victory or in the doom of gloom, or anywhere in between by the thoughts you choose to think. Your adversities, challenges or circumstances are stepping stones towards your victories! I realized that as I’ve engaged spending the same amount of time practicing and living in…

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