Vampire Legend and Lore in a Modern Sanguianrian Reality

Author Lyn Gibson

The Adrian Trilogy,” by Lyn Gibson is a three-part fictional account of the vampire legend experienced through the life of a modern-day warrioress ~ once real estate practitioner, Adrian. Her long-standing lucid dreams continuously elicit an epic figure in the form of Christian who is an eight-pack wielding hunk of manhood with a taste for blood and all-things Sanguianrian. Christian works to keep Adrian untainted by his malady but love and lust turn the tide of time to their both being immortals. Of course, their communications are full of passion and play before and after Adrian gets bit.

As a reader though, you might ask . . . what is Sanguinarism? 

sanguinarian-vampire-awakening-i4That is a great question.

Sanguinarians are human beings with a compulsion, or need, to consume blood. While in “To Be His Soulmate,” the narrative explains that due to his loss of his true love, Christian is destined…

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