Don’t be a drive by helper build another’s life through teaching.

dpInk Author: Renee Smith

The World is Our OysterHelping others in our casual daily life.

You don’t have to change the world or get on a plane to foreign lands, opportunities will reveal themselves to you.  We need to fix America first, but not isolate  or seperate our nation from the rest of the world. We do have many of our own neighbors that need our help. But no matter where you are help  is valuable to someone .  Sometimes you don’t even need to leave your house and the opportunity will present itself.

Do you ever wonder why Jesus chose planet Earth to live his bestowal life? Is it because our planet is such a bad example, barbaric, spiritually and morally deprived that he came to this planet to use as an example to  the universe?  That is if you believe there are other inhabited planets out there as I do. Are we the most barbaric, desperate…

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