We are making great strides in 2016!

At dpInk: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. our stride is unmatched for a woman-owned small publishing initiative. With a diverse selection of genres, DonnaInk Publications authors are emerging into the industry with burgeoning capabilities to keep readers happy and coming back for more. 

Readers are going to remain impressed by the works of our illusive team of artisans:

leutrell4Leutrell M. Osborne – “Black Man in the CIA.” Memoir of the Vice Chair of dpInk: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. Chronicles a twenty-seven year history as a Black Man in the CIA, one of the 17 Departments and Agencies of the National Intelligence Community, during the Cold War years. Leutrell M. Osborne Sr., (Mike), tells his story to document the former Spy Manager’s history while providing unique insights for others to understand his rise in the CIA, becoming a spy manager that supervised CIA agents and assets in over 30 countries. Rated R. Available as a courtesy – Published by Gary Revel Productions.

Current dpInk: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. TitlesDonna L. Quesinberry – “Stolen Lullabies and Secret Impasses.” Founder – CEO of dpInk: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. shares her memoir much like an expose’ regarding Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse and Neglect through prose, poetry, narrative and reviews. Includes a resource section for assault, violence, abuse and neglect survivors. Foreword by Sage Sweetwater. Rated R.


The Rune Snatcher and The Primal HeartJeramiah Think – “The Rune Snatcher and the Primal Heart.” Multi-national Fantasy Fiction Author who likes to keep his identity concealed. Rated  This is a wonderfully endearing novel about a young man enduring bullying who invents an imaginative world of mysticism and magic where the bullying ends. Rated G.

The Victorious Mindset

Chip Esajian – “The Victorious Mindset Complete Training System and 2 Power CDs.” Motivational Coach and Inspirational Leader who is taking on America’s Young Adults with a Message of Victory! However, this complete training and power system applies to readers of all ages. Are you VICTORIOUS? This title teaches readers to attain VICTORY in life. Rated G.


2014 August Full Wrap

Clifton Hill – “Through the Broken Looking Glass.” A Garneresque Memoir Based on Personal Experiences Learning to Cope with Life, Loss, Discovery and Spirituality. Through a series of travels and travails – the author arrives at through-provoking solutions. Rated PG-13.

Through the Broken Looking GlassProfessor Edwin Hung – “God and the Vending Machine.” Currently in redesign and reprint – rethinking Christianity from Hong Kong, China. Cleverly illustrated with a sly fox leading the path of discovery. Illustrations are clever and bring the Professor’s concepts out visually. Dr. Hung is the author of nearly 10 books among nonfiction that are well-accepted in business the philosophy circles. Rated G.

Skyla's Hat Adventures: The Magic of DiscoveryCountry Performance Artist Skyla Spencer – “Skyla’s Hat Adventures: The Magic of Discovery.” A Children’s Song, Dance and Clap Book with an original and lyrics music CD to be used at story intervals – first in a series of Skyla’s Hat Adventures. Rated G.

They Hide In The Cones

Sara Israel – “They Hide in the Cones.” A Mom with a Vision for her Children who published a family treat. As a mom, Sara wasn’t interested in being recognized for publishing a book; however, in 2016 she may make a few appearances . . . we are testing the waters! This title is undergoing cover redesign. Rated G.



And The Dead Shall Rise

M. Frederic Jennings – “And the Dead Shall Rise.” An Apocalyptic Horror Novel that follows an American Family through Crises of Faith, Belief and Zombies. Keeps readers on the edge of their seats wondering what will unravel next. Rated PG-13.

51xKWmC-mdL._AA160_Nina and Sigmund Sontum – “The New Era,” “The Return,” “”Diary from the Universe.” Published through Gyldne Snitt and available in America through DonnaInk Publications – these and other works are based on questions from the fearful “ego/mind.” With channeled answers from the “heart/source” where all is well . . . Think Abraham. Rated G.


Seasons of Thunder Volume IITeedzani Thapelo – “Seasons of Thunder – Vol. I, II & III,” “Love and the Degenerate Politician,” “Tales of Woe and Wonder from Kalahari Country.”  Teedzani’s Volume III of Seasons of Thunder is just reaching completion and both his additional two titles are to be released with immediacy in 2016. Rated G.

Rock n' Roll: It's Better TMick Tyas – “Rock n’ Roll: It’s Better Than Working for a Living.” Don’t let the title fool you, this professional sound engineer worked a bit to make certain nearly every major rock band from 1960’s onward enjoyed quality sound much like the Pony Express. This is a story for lovers of rock and pop and even some classic musicians because it is a tell-all tale covering the expanse of the music industry. Rated R.

Soundings From An Empty SeaMatthew Cody – “Soundings from An Empty Sea.” A poetry exchange that shares the mindset of S&M practitioners in meter and allegory. Quite a few of Matthew’s works have been shared in prestigious publications from New York City. Rated R.

MYRA-HATI: Crossed PathsFabio Evangelista DaSilva – “MYRA-HATI: Crossed Paths.” A Science Fiction Thriller with futurist technologies that hold and warp the minds of users – or do they transcend them through space and time. A solid science fiction story from this Brazilian author. Rated G.


Up to My Ears in AmericaJan Drabek – “Up To My Ears in America.” Former Ambassador’s memoir of traveling from communism to American living to Canadian retirement and everything in between. This is a daring story of survival and coping with the changes required to uproot as an elementary child and gain footing in a strange new world. Rated PG-13.


The Fantabulous Book of PoemsFaith Victoria Hamilton – “The Fantabulous Book of Poems.” A Children’s delight with beautiful artistry in illustration and prose and poetry for young and old alike. Being released through Ingram’s – nearing completion after many developmental hurdles resulting in a quality hardbound book for the child in your home! Rated G.

Joe's Life TaleProfessor Roberto Ivaldi – “Joe’s Life Tale.” A thoroughly entertaining treat traveling through the renaissance through a series of romantic trysts while discovering and conquering lands, kingdoms and modernity of the era. A delightful story indeed. Rated PG-13.


The Composer and the Flycatcher by Diana ArcoDiana Arco – “The Composer and The Fly-catcher.” Mexican author delivers an extremely unique representation of poetry and prose in a ballad / sonnet format sharing the story of a composer who discovers his muse in the form of a fly-catcher who is as intriguing as he is beguiling. In the balance weighs the composer’s daughter and the love of her life. A truly mystical read. Rated G.


Silly Cat

Bonnie Beckeman – “A Silly Cat’s Adirondack Adventure.” This title is in design and compilation slated for March to Summer 2016 release. Bonnie is a world-renown watercolor illustrator and has created the art and imagery for this her first children’s book. Rated G.

The Composer and The FlycatcherLyn Gibson – “The Adrian Trilogy”: “To Be His Soulmate,” “Adrian’s Fury,” “Adrian’s Legacy.” This trilogy is receiving RAVE reviews from vampire and horror aficionados from around the planet. Lyn is growing into a high-end performance author – currently on speaker’s panels at HorrorCons that dpInk: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. first introduced her to. “The Adrian Trilogy” also features its own dragster created by John Gibson and displayed at HorrorCons Ms. Gibson attends. Rated R. Explicit sexual content.

Siege of the Small WorldProfessor Gerhard Plenert – “Siege of the Small World: History of the Small World.” First, in a series of the small world. A 100% clean fantasy fiction novel written by professor and bishop Gerhard Plenert. Contains original and talent-driven illustrations. An enjoyable novel from this author of nearly 20 separate fiction and nonfiction titles. Rated G.


The Stars We Wrecked

Milan Kalis – “The Stars We Wrecked.” A montage about Elvis Presley and Special Agent Alan Parker who is instructed to watch over the King and attempt to quell any sociological paradigms through clandestine operations and mental magic. An interesting take on the story of one of modern music’s legends. Rated R.


Letters From LimboPhil Force – “Letters from Limbo. Memoir about surviving brain cancer and what is going through the mind of a cancer patient during treatment, surgery, loss and recovery. If you have a loved one or friend experiencing brain or “other” cancer – this title is a remedy for you and them sharing the reality everyone goes through a clarity of conscience during such momentous events. PG-13.


TACT 27B. P. Pryor – “TACT 27 – Vol. I and II.” A WOW crime / police / espionage procedural set in Washington DC and written by a former federal officer. Extremely urban and raw. Realistic and entertaining. Certainly worthy of a future feature film. Dramatic, climatic and reads at an easily driven quick pace. If you love mystery, intrigue, government, crime, police and mayhem – this novel is for you! Volume II is releasing February 2016. And, additional B. P. Pryor novels are releasing later summer of 2016! A rising star. Rated R.

AfflictionDottie Daniels – “Affliction.” Story of survival in a Zombie epidemic. A Zombie lover’s ampoule of blood and guts penned by a gentile lady from Minnesota. This title is no longer being represented by DonnaInk after another thirty days; however, it is a solid read for every Zombie enthusiast. Rated PG-13.

Sailor's Psychology

Professor Chester Litvin – “Sailor’s Psychology: A Methodology on Self-discovery through the Tale of the Semite and the Squall.” Nonfiction title in 2nd print regarding issues of self and transcendence. For select readers who are seeking to rejuvenate their whole self. Rated G.

The Shadow ZoneRichard Paracka – “The Shadow Zone.” A futuristic science fantasy fiction novel, which is visionary and somewhat frightening but yields an ultimately heart-warming tale. Unexpected twists and turns. Rated PG-13.


The Mission For All MankindRenee Smith – “The Mission for All Mankind.” Science fantasy fiction novel involving a teacher and his assignment to master a number of planets and universes. A lot of symbolism and lore unfolds. The story takes readers on the journey of the teacher and shares his discoveries and events he shares with followers. Rated PG-13.


The Gift of SightChartel Amos – “Gift of Sight.” Fantasy fiction set in Wicklow Mountains involving rune stones, wolves and celtic practices. Includes casting spells and other divination passed through this saga-riddled narrative. Original and entertaining. Rated PG-13.

Homo GoGo ManChristopher Duquette – “Homo GoGo Man: A Fairytale about a Boy Who Grew Up in Discoland. A memoir about life in New York City at the onset of the disco era where Christopher became a regular at the most sought after clubs in the city. Shares a lot of history, nostalgia and a coming-of-age story that includes the LGTB community of the 70’s and early 80’s. Rated R.


The GameTommy Reynolds – “The Game: Baseball and America, Growin’ Up Together.” Follows an Irish born family in their journey to America where multiple generations became star athletes of the Great American Past-time . . . BASEBALL! The author captures the essence of this sports community in this often satirically driven narrative. Heart warming. Rated PG-13.


Soon to be released:

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All dpInk: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. titles are uniquely produced with traditional icons, fluerons or glyphs and other considerations because reading is more than slapping together some chapters without designing a quality product. At DonnaInk, we retrofit the tradition of artistic presentation and the written word because intellectually diverse readers we engage deserve that and more.

Take your time and review our authors works today – readers love them and we are certain you will too!


dpInk: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.


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