Motivational Coach Chip Esajian’s, “The Victorious Mindset,” released 1 October 2015

Motivational Coach Chip Esajian’s The Victorious Mindset released 1 October 2015

NOW AVAILABLE! The Victorious Mindset in Paperback and E-book! Get the Power System CD set to go along with the book! Invest in your Happiness and Destiny TODAY!

The Victorious Mindset, by Motivational Coach Chip Esajian

CARTHAGE, N.C.Oct. 1, 2015PRLog — Founder-CEO Ms. D. L. Quesinberry of dpInk: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. released “The Victorious Mindset” Daily Power and Maintenance Training System, which Motivational Coach Chip Esajian developed. Today, 1 October 2015, is the official release date for Chip Esajian’s simple, complete and powerful system of steps, which demonstrate how to go from victim to victory, from scarcity to abundance, from a life you hate to a life of extraordinary happiness and freedom. Esajian takes limited beliefs and creates unlimited belief proving all things are possible. Readers learn how to create an extraordinary victorious mindset of abundance to attract others to the person Esajian knows they can become!


The mantra “You were created for an extraordinary purpose, for there is only one you!” is shared continuously until readers gain a sense of acceptance and that is not all! This internationally recognized Motivational Coach teaches readers how to benefit from his system through exercises, power systems, affirmations and victory quotes as well as 2 CDs full of comprehensive audio training. And, the publishing house is excited to share in the enthusiasm among readers, practitioners and in the field of empowerment and self-realization. Kudos to Chip Esajian and here’s to every reader accepting their path of victory!

About Motivational Coach Chip Esajian: Chip Esajian is an ordinary person who has lived an extraordinary life. He’s been a Chippendale’s dancer, actor, ministry home overseer, car detailer, real estate agent, and mortgage banker; fueled by his gift of “encouragement,” he wants to show you how to see the mountains move out of the way of your dreams. Chip is a happily married man with 3 wonderful children, who currently resides in California, in the United States of America.

About the Book: imagine a life of extraordinary mental freedom, happiness, excitement, forgiveness, gratefulness, thankfulness, victory, and attractiveness. Imagine YOUR amazing life where you love who you are. Imagine a life where YOU can’t wait to give to others, because you are so overflowing with extraordinary happiness and abundance. All YOU can think about is who to give to next.

Imagine a life where YOU see opportunities and possibilities everywhere you look! Imagine loving who YOU are so you can see the wonderful in others.

You were created for an extraordinary purpose. There is no one who looks like you! There is no one with the same finger print you have. Your heart is kept beating so you can create a victorious, grateful mindset to move the mountains out of the way of your dreams!

All the quotes and affirmations you will read in this workbook were inspired and written as I created my Victorious Mindset.

Buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride, as I share my Victorious Mindset system with you, my extraordinary friend!

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Book and CDs:!product/prd15/4319121185/the-victorious-mindset-book-%26-2cd-set


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