Interview with Gerhard Plenert, author of Siege of the Small World . . .

Interview with Gerhard Plenert, author of Siege of the Small World . . .

by Donna Quesinberry, National Writing Examiner


2015_01.31.CVR Full Wrap6Bishop – Dr. Gerhard Plenert has a new fantasy fiction series, “Siege of the Small World.” The first volume, “History of the Small World” is a solid title with excellent feedback from his fans and readers. Written by an LDS Bishop for a G-rated adult fantasy fiction novel audience, Small World contains original illustrations.

Dr. Gerhard Plenert, author of 15 business books has an additional two pending. He has also published over 150 articles . . . “Small World” is the first book in a trilogy.

When asked what “Small World” Plenert says, “This is a fantasy novel about an imaginary world made up of leprechauns, elves and dwarfs dealing with their enemies the gnomes and trolls. Who do you think is going to win?”

So let’s begin the interview.

NWE: Welcome, Bishop – Dr. Gerhard Plenert. Thank you for interviewing with the National Writing Examiner (NWE), let’s get right to some questions and answers okay?

Plenert: Certainly, and thank you for interviewing me.

NWE: Are you using a pseudonym or pen name?

Plenert: No, I use my given name. I started thinking about the fantasy series under Gerd Plet; however, changed my mind and thankfully my publisher didn’t mind redressing all the promotional and marketing materials in doing so.

NWE: Wow . . . how long were you into the process before making the decision not to use the pen name?

Plenert: I believe we were past the initial cover design and a first or second editorial review of the title. After more thought it just appeared to make better sense using the name I’ve used on business works.

NWE: I understand you have another novel published prior to Siege of the Small World: History of the Small World, is this accurate?

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About the Author of “Siege of the Small World: History of the Small World”: As a consultant, Dr. Gerhard Plenert has facilitated organizational transformations all over the world including Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. He has worked in numerous countries including England, Australia, Malaysia, China, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, and of course the United States and Canada, and the list goes on and on.

As a professor Dr. Plenert was a tenured full professor at California State University, Chico, and a professor at BYU Provo, BYU Hawaii, the University of Malaysia, and the University of San Diego. He was awarded numerous academic achievement awards.

In his private life, Gerhard is a world traveler having visited every continent. He has published 15 business books focused on Organizational Process Optimization. His books have been endorsed by individuals like Dr. Stephen Covey, and by companies like Black and Decker, AT&T and FedEx.

Gerhard has taken his passion for reading mystery / suspense novels and is now writing his own series of novels. He enjoys integrating his travels into his novels to bring reality to some of his adventures. His first attempt is a series titled The New Templars and now, Small World.

He lives in Sacramento, California and has been married to his wife for over thirty years. Together they have eight children and eleven grandchildren.


About National Writing Examiner, Donna Quesinberry: Ms. D.L. Quesinberry is Founder and CEO of dpInk with select publishing under DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. (20+ authors and their cumulative titles). Donna, often referred to as ‘Q’ by friends & associates, has developed over 25,000 documents in 100+ subject areas for 200+ national & international clients. She raised five successful adult children as a single parent, while earning in excess of 250 credit hours among Intl. Affairs (Eastern Europe / Middle East), Business Administration, Computer Sciences, Public Affairs & Theology. Q currently resides in Carthage North Carolina and is a native of Metropolitan Washington, DC (VA/MD/DC). Contact her at:


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