Are we sexual creatures? Author Renee Smith provides some insights, her title, “The Mission for All Mankind” is releasing this month!

dpInk Author: Renee Smith

Aren’t we all sexul creatures ? Is it really that important for the world to know we are sexual, female, male, heterosexual, transsexual, homosexual or whatever our personal choice maybe as long as we don’t hurt anyone?

In this very diverse world in which we live many of us don’t feel that we fit in. Why is it so important that the world knows our sexual choices? Is that a personal issue? For example Bruce Jenner. How beautiful he is as a woman and he was gorgeous as a man, but why didn’t he just go off and do what he had to do in peace and quiet?  Who would have known, he looks so different? He could have went on and lived a normal life without all the attention and criticism. The paparazzi  is going to make his life a living hell. Bruce is constantly complaining about the paparazzi…

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