A curiously intriguing post by Author Matthew Cody . . . check out his title, “Soundings from an Empty Sea” in the Literature – Poetry Store!

Author Matthew Cody

as beings i think humans are pretty screwed.  instead of just doing something, we think about it,  sometimes, MOST times too much.  there is something we want to do and we can picture the one way that will make us happy, but then we thing about the 286+ was that will make us miserable.  to quote Carbon Leaf, “when your tears dry, let your troubles roll by.”  have a great day.


“Aye, no thankst” as Popeye would say.

No rhyme or reason is better than play.

Grief and worry ‘cause of things in your head,

Sweating your of death before you are dead.

Toss those worries aside and live for the day.

by matthew t. cody

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