The Vampires’ Crypt: Erie PA.

A story for Halloween . . .

Author Lyn Gibson

vampires crypt2         Meander down a modest tree lined path and through the Erie cemetery and you will see countless dated headstones and crypts.  The cemetery was founded in 1851 and is host to some of the areas’ most elite industrialists from the city’s past.  Amongst a number of mausoleums that are burrowed into the ridge is one that is known as the Vampires’ Crypt.

The crypt is not donned with elaborate features, in fact it is generic in nature but did not begin that way.  Above the darkened marble slab that blocks the entrance, hovers a lintel where a name was once inscribed but since has been deliberately chiseled away leaving only an insignia of flora in the form of a “V”.

The mausoleum is owned by Gertrude Brown, but there is no one by that name that lies within the dank enclosure.  The first body interred within was GW Goodrich…

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