“Reverse Seduction” is the newest title release for romance novelist Mrs. Annetta Hobson

Reverse Seduction Sell Sheet1
DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. announces romance novelist Annetta Hobson’s newest title release . . . “Reverse Seduction,” which will be available for readers 31 August 2014. To initiate signings or interviews write to special_markets@donnaink.org.

PRLogAug. 28, 2014DETROITDonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.’s CEO-President & Founder, Ms. D. L. Quesinberry announced “Reverse Seduction,” by romance novelist, Mrs. Annetta Hobson as her newest title release, which is available for readers 31 August 2014. Ms. Quesinberry stated, “This title is saucy, devilish and a quick entertaining read. There are some truly intense acts of congress, which will make Annetta’s readers blush with passion. The protagonist is an aspiring woman who stops at nothing to rise to the top while utilizing every occasion she can get her hands on! Annetta once again crafted a well-woven tale of relationships, purity or the lack thereof, and all the good and evil of humanity, which typically become entwined in acts of love or sex. An exploitative and enjoyable read that uncovers a diverse range of personalities and issues.”

Mrs. Hobson shared, “’Reverse Seduction’ is a novel I wrote because I needed some steamy hotness after my most recent murderous novel. It is about a greedy, promiscuous gold-digger who traps a starry-eyed cutie on his way to the top. They have a son, which she banks on as her man’s burgeoning movie career takes off.


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