DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. ( releases, “Reverse Seduction” by Annetta Hobson

Reverse Seduction releases 31 August 2014


Backstory: early in life Jessica Monroe carefully planned out her future. But at the age of 26 she is deviating from her original plan. She has nothing that she wanted. She strategically hooked her boyfriend Joseph McCoy, whom she has dated since her sophomore year in high school because his career as an actor was practically set in stone. But instead of a life of luxury she has a son and a dead in job. To add to her disappointment, Joseph is an out of work actor that is attending a very expensive acting school that she pays for. She feels trapped and out of options until Joseph’s best friend, Marcus Gibson, drops by and discusses his wealthy womanizing boss Gerald Carson needing a new assistant. Jessica views this as an opportunity to get all that she has ever wanted and more. She plans to seduce and manipulate her way into his bed without anyone realizing it. Can she play the innocent culprit in order to obtain her every desire?



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