Author sinks fangs into vampire literary scene


Author Lyn Gibson rocks the vampire scene with gutsy narrative and seductively delivered double-entendres.
Author Lyn Gibson rocks the vampire scene with gutsy narrative and seductively delivered doublte-entendres.

HAMMOND — Lyn Gibson is no stranger to the supernatural.

As a child, Gibson recalls having dreams and premonitions about people dying. Spirits, she said, visited her regularly.

Gibson said her ability to connect with the supernatural world caused tension within her religious family, and after working with the police on unsolved cases for a few years, Gibson, who is originally from Pearl River, Miss., took up writing — about vampires.

Gibson has channeled her affinity for the supernatural into a book series called “The Adrian Trilogy.” The deal was signed in February, and the result of the release of the first book, “To Be His Soulmate,” has been phenomenal, Gibson said.

Pre-gallery sales have broken publisher’s records, prompting a busy schedule for 2014. Gibson plans to attend several national horror conventions as a special guest.

Wanda Herrin, of Houston, received Gibson’s book from a friend and is now awaiting the arrival of Gibson’s second book.

“It was nice to get away from the real world and get away to something intriguing and sexy,” Herrin said during a recent interview. “I would think about it even after I had put it down.”

Herrin, 56, who said she enjoys books about vampires, hadn’t read a vampire book since famed author Anne Rice published her iconic books in the 1980s.

“The TV and movie series are all watered down and made for teens,” Herrin said. “I liked it (Gibson’s book) better than some of Anne Rice’s books.”

“Lyn Seal Gibson is a mesmerizing writer,” said Susie Cambre, a journalist and archivist for the Surviving Katrina-Rita Project for the U.S. Library of Congress and the University of Houston. “As a writer, she successfully takes you where she wants you to journey deep within a dark world, living in the shadows of the moss-strewn Deep South. Her characters develop a strong relationship with the reader and continue from book to book in her trilogy.”

Gibson’s books are captivating to readers passionate about the horror genre, as well as college students and anyone brave enough to turn the pages of her books, Cambre said during a recent interview.

“They are truly quite frightening,” she said. “Gibson definitely continues the vampire tales for this generation where longtime horror writer Anne Rice leaves off.”

Gibson, who lives in Independence, has been busy promoting her book. She is also a DonnaInk Publications author, a national radio personality and a historian of vampire legend and lore. Following the launch of her new book, Gibson has written on several blogs, has been interviewed on several talk radio programs and attended the annual “Spooky Empire” horror convention in Orlando, Fla. She also participated in an online book launch at and was recently a guest at Mariner’s Inn in Hammond for the official launch party.

The series, Gibson said, is based in the north shore area of Lake Pontchartrain, and many well-known landmarks are mentioned throughout the books.

The Adrian Trilogy is not for teenagers, however, as it does not include sparkling, lovelorn adolescent creatures, said Cambre, a grandmother of 13.

“If you want to find Gibson’s vampires, you’ll have to venture into authentic old museums, ancient scrolls and the real tales our ancestors shared with history,” Cambre said.

“She weaves her dark world with both imagination and the dust of old vaults and historic archives,” she said. “I would definitely recommend her books to anyone wishing to be transported from their day-to-day boredom into a surreal world we imagine behind the old southern columned homes, crypts and broken-down cemeteries.”

Gibson gives some of the credit for the book’s success to her publisher, D.L. Quesinberry, CEO, president and founder of DonnaInk Publications, who she said has been wonderful to work with.

“Ms. Quesinberry believes in me and my series,” Gibson said. “It’s not easy, as a basically unknown writer, to be able to get a publishing contract, but Ms. Quesinberry saw promise in my title and has taken me under her wing.”

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