Debut Medical Mystery Thriller novel, The Pharm House by Bill Powers

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Debut Medical Mystery Thriller story on the National Writing Examiner

The Pharm House, is a suspense/thriller from debut novelist Bill Powers; an awe-inspiring cover advents this title in the newest print edition. As a debut author, Bill Powers introduces a foreboding and darkly suspenseful story in The Pharm House. Bill currently resides in Mendham, NJ with his family and is a former pharmaceutical industry scientist/executive, which gives him inner knowledge of the hidden underworld of the global pharmaceutical business. He spent years leading pharmaceutical research and development groups in the US, Europe and Asia.

Bill has a lifelong love of books, stories and words that he continues to nurture. A voracious reader of fiction, mostly suspense/thrillers and non-fiction, historical biographies, several years ago while still working at a major pharmaceutical company, he decided to try writing a thriller. The goal of becoming a published thriller author became a passion.

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For more information about Bill Powers and his releases, please visit the publisher’s suspense shelf. Also, join Bill on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and WordPress today.


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