DonnaInk Publications attends Spooky Empire 25 – 27 Rocktober 2013

DonnaInk Publications authors Michael Leonard and Lyn Gibson rock Spooky Empire

25 – 27 Rocktober 2013, Author Michael Leonard and Author Lyn Gibson demonstrate “The WOW Factor” by outselling all other authors at this magnanimous event!


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PRLog (Press Release)Oct. 31, 2013ORLANDO, Fla.DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. featured two authors and represented eight authors’ titles at the recent Spooky Empire in Orlando, Florida. Two authors were vended and provided book signings at Spooky; namely Ms. Lyn Gibson and Mr. Michael Leonard – who coordinated and worked as a TEAM! Also featured was ZenCon Art of Zen Consultancy’s sponsored Halloween radio program, “Whispers in the Dark,” featuring Host Viktor Aurelius, Co-host Jeff Niles (from Chicago) and Alternate Co-host Ms. Lyn Gibson who was an attending author at the Spooky Empire event.

DonnaInk Publications represented titles included Haunted Hotel, by Bradley Latham; Katsujinken, A Sword Arts Journal, Editor-in-Chief Jason Lee A Hatcher; Paradox Five, by Lanaia Lee; Terror’s Taste, by W.P. Rigler; TIN TALES, by William Moorefield; To Be His Soulmate, by Lyn Gibson; and Wolfen: Bloodlines, by Sean Adkins. Both Gibson and Leonard sold more titles than other attending authors at this three-day event horror extravaganza, which was extremely affirming for them both!
This ultimate horror weekend included celebrity guests including actors/actresses (alpha listing) Brandon Adams, Julie Adams, Barry Anderson, Yan Birch, Doug Bradley, Ricou Browning, Marilyn Burns, Mike Christopher, Eugene Clark, Peter Criss, Allen Danziger, Sybil Downing, Meg Foster, Warrington Gillette, Ed Guinn, Gunnar Hansen, Danielle Harris, Glenn Hetrick, Kane Hodder, Suzanna Leigh, Lisa Loring, Ginger Lynn, Lisa Marie, Teri McMinn, Jason Mews, Bill Moseley, Edwin Neal, Ve Neil, Ogre, Patricia Quinn, Twiggy Ramirez, George Romero, Tom Savini, Dee Snider, George “The Animal” Steele, Sonya Thompson, William Vail, Alexa Vega, Alex Vincent, and Sean Whalen; artists (alpha listing) Cindy Anderson, Timothy Angstadt, Anti-Warhol’s World of Popart Horror, Tommy Castillo, Cemetery Prints, Chronic Damage Art, The Fine Print Shop, Studio Hadley, Herosquares, Scott Jackson, Seventh.Ink (Matthew Johnson), Koyanis Creations, Locoduck, Felix Matos, Mohawk Crew (Tanner Monroe, Shanen “Nen Yao” Taylor), London 1888 (Chris Ott), The Art of Ravenwolf Studios, Keith P. Rein, Retro Outlaw Studios, Matt Reynolds, RW2 Galleries, Randall Smith, SugarFueled, Nathan Szerdy Art, Ubrnpop and Zombie Caricatures and authors (alpha listing) Steve Alton, Scott M. Baker, Alison Beightol, Chris Berman, James O. Cannon, Rob Fox, Lyn Gibson, Owl Goinback, Michael Leonard, Roger Ma, Jonathan Maberry, Scott Marlowe, Indy McDaniel, Briar Lee Mitchell, Jamie Roush Pearce, Pete Rawlik, Gary S. Roen, A.D. Sams, Marina Sergeyeva and Nicole Vlachos, which includes DonnaInk Publications very own Lyn Gibson, “To Be His Soulmate” and Michael Leonard, “RYVAH: Plight of the Fairies.”

Author Michael Leonard participated in over five panels and provided a reading the 26th at 9:00PM. Ms. Quesinberry, CEO-President and Founder of DonnaInk Publications and Ms. Shearer, Acting COO were present to represent the publishing house to the community-at-large. Both attended the VIP functions at the hotel as well as participated in the Rocky Horror Picture Show audience.

The team offered four card tarot readings and spell-casting. “Q” provided a private reading the night of the 25th and found the channels were clear because all of foretelling was 100% spot on and that’s really Spoooooooookyyyyyyyy! A drawing for wine and three books was entered by one guest, which didn’t mate to contest rules; however, the entrant is receiving a gratis book in lieu of the award, which had to be entered by at least ten guests.

Overall this STELLAR HORRORCON EVENT demonstrated DonnaInk Publications authors Rock the House! To get your copy of these titles visit: today.


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