Human Optimization

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Human Optimization

Stop keyword stuffing. Stop creating specific, unthoughtful titles. Stop tailoring your content for robots. When was the last time you edited a post or created a title without SEO on your mind? It seems we are spending more time optimizing for robots than optimizing for humans.

People say SEO is an essential part of marketing, but we are forgetting one key principle; the best content wins. The judges? Your audience, not the robots parsing it. Keep SEO in the back of your mind, and your audience in the front. Not the other way around.

You know what Google’s algorithm loves? Inbound links. Want more? Stop optimizing your content for robots. If we create better content for humans, we receive more views, more links, and a higher ranking. Even Google is reminding us to focus on creating content, not optimizing it. They’ve already started punishing sites by the millions for being…

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