DonnaInk Publications Releases Several Hot New Titles

DonnaInk Publications (®™pending) has released or “is just releasing” several new books – these  titles are…


and derived from both fiction and nonfiction genres, such as:


Each of these titles provide a page-turner’s imaginings. DonnaInk Publications is committed to providing reading excellence to all of our readers.

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A Family’s Journey

by Author Mike Robson

This new title by Author Mike Robson records the experiences of Lucky,

a fledgling baby crow saved by the Robson family.

The story was initially inspired by personal experiences,

which turn into uplifting and humorous accounts.

This is a true slice of nature in genuine terms,

including tidbits on care and

maintenance of a winged creature such as a crow.

It is gaining a lot of respect

from naturalists and

experts in the field.

And the Dead Shall Rise

by M. Frederic Jennings

A global earthquake destroys nearly everything!

And, it releases:

Satan, Demons and Zombies.

Survivors gear up as


Ready, Set, Go!


by Peter C. Bradbury

Bullying statistics show bullying is on the rise among young adults,

teens and children with cyber bullying being the main culprit of this increase.

This type of bullying has gotten immense media attention over the past few years,

citing it as a leading cause of teen suicide or death.

Peter C. Bradbury’s “CONSEQUENCES” delves into the world of romantic lore while

tackling the reality of bullying and its lingering effects on the lives of recipients of the

malfeasance and mayhem primitive minds seem all to ready to deliver.

For those who have suffered extreme bullying, does it still ring true;

every cloud has a silver lining?

Peter answers this question and others in his newest title.


Light in the Shadow

by Author Annetta Hobson

Author Annetta Hobson‘s debut title delivers

love, romance, passion, mayhem and madness.

Life is not easy for Rayen, but whatever it is,

her lover is involved.

The two experience their trysts, leaving behind any

and all lines in the sand.

Katsujinken, A Sword Arts Journal

Editor-in-Chief, Jason Lee A. Hatcher

This true collector’s magazine includes stories regarding the art of the sword, 

personalities in the sword world and the latest news on antiquities, history and more.

This volume, like all volumes, rocks!!!!

for more magazine and sword art information.  Presently, all sales are direct order.

This is the “ONLY” Eastern and Western Sword Arts magazine in the world.

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The Pharm House

by Author Bill Powers

Author Bill Power’s title, “THE PHARM HOUSE”

shares Dr. Nicholas Harding’s story involving the pharmaceutical industry and malpractice of epic proportions.

This is a modern mystery and whodunit tightly corked in the prescription bottle

of greed, murder and corruption.

men and women living on the edge of modernity.

The Compass

by Joshua Lisec

An American, an Englishman, and an Australian walk into a massage parlour…

A Limited Edition Prequal to the Gold Medal award-winning book,


begins the exciting story in Cairns, Australia, 1991.

Archeologist wunderkind Jack Staples  is the talk of the telly once again. As he discoverers of the lost compass of Captain James Cook, Staples and his best friend and protégé Charles Kensington are on holiday in the Land Down Under, sitting on their find as offers from museums and auction houses pour in. But when the compass is stolen by an antiquities trafficker known as the Waltzing Matilda, Staples and Kensington are joined by the pride of Sydney’s police force, Detective Sergeant James Russell. The Aussie’s incognito scheme gets the trio inside the crime lord’s center of operations, a sleazy massage parlour. But a brief conversation with the Matilda will send the trio on an adventure of prehistoric proportions.

The Phoenix Reich

by Joshua Lisec

Find the killer, restore your father’s legacy, save the world…all before finals week.

Germany, 1945.

Nazi leaders scramble to hide stolen wealth from Allied invaders. Among them are members of the German Christian Church, the spiritual arm of Hitler’s empire. When an American soldier stumbles upon the Church’s loot, he learns of the master plan to resurrect the Nazi regime. But the solider dies in action just days before war’s end.

The secret, lost. Until now.

The Victorious Mindset

by Motivational Coach Chip Esajian

Author and Motivator, Chip Esajian’ s title, “The Victorious Mindset,” asks readers to

‘Embrace VICTORY!’ And to ‘Seize the day!’

Chip provides daily, weekly, monthly, annual and lifetime inspirational affirmations to seize the day as well as the

future through “The Victorious Mindset”! This title includes workbook breakouts at the close of each chapter along with motivations from the author.

It also includes a lecture series on CD for hardcover and extended HTML in digital with hotlinks and/or CD for trade paperback.

A must read for students of life everywhere!

DonnaInk Publications as a publishing house delivers authors dreams one book at a time, because books are eternal!



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