Barbara Thumann Calderaro’s journey to “Be Their Voice: Ignorance is Not Bliss”

DonnaInk Publications is releasing the title, Be Their Voice: Ignorance is Not Bliss, a debut children’s book by educator and Author Barbara Thumann Calderaro. Her book takes aDelivering Author Dreams! reflective journey derived from Calderaro’s decisions to no longer include meat as part of her natural diet instilled from childhood. Raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, as a meat-eating family member, Barbara Thumann was encouraged to eat her protein and drink milk like every other child.

Ms. Thumann-Calderaro received an education as a certified special education teacher, she married and continued to live a normal life by American standards. When her husband nearly died of a heart-attack and a need to cut back on meat arose, things began to change for Calderaro.

Then, reading the book Animal Sanctuary written by Author Gene Baur completely altered things for Calderaro. Baur’s title tells the story of a man who rescued animals from slaughter houses. Saving the lives of countless animals living in unthinkable and horrid conditions, he identified with them. Otherwise the sick and starving animals would eventually end up in grocery stores and on dinner plates. Other rescues were forced to give birth ultimately for a future excruciating death. He started a Farm Sanctuary for animals freed from these circumstances.

A DonnaInk Publications Author!Calderaro then imagined a world where people eat Zebra, or Koala, or cute little Murray the Golden Retriever down the street…although these things don’t usually happen, Calderaro realized changing names of common foods from cow to ‘steak’ and pig to ‘pork’ makes consumption easier. To eat an animal as intelligent as a pig, or as emotional as a cow, as cute as a Koala or exotic as a Zebra is harder to fathom when referencing their proper titles..

She boldly asserts that eating animal flesh is a blind leading the blind mind-set and asks, “Why eat one and not the other?”

The author challenges the current government systems in place and used to safely deliver meat and milk to Americans. Is the arsenic allowed in turkey meat poisonous? Can all the hormones given to growing cows cause birth defects or autism? Is ‘casein’ (the protein in dairy) really carcinogenic?

Then, Calderaro asks harder questions, such as: “How much do the animals suffer as they live and grow to reach the end of my fork? Why are sick animals allowed to become fast food?”

Barbara Thumann-Calderaro hopes her book will “ruffle some feathers” and “encourage people to ask questions,” such as:

“Where is my food coming from? Do I really need to eat this?”

Now a Pescaritarian, Barbara eats fish occasionally, but she chooses to not eat the flesh of any animal or bird. She states, “It has been a process for me, giving up certain things along the way, but now I’m bringing ‘Vegan Monday’s’ into my diet and making small commitments to take all animal products out of my life.” Link to Twitter!

Her love for animals has increased in leaving the flesh-eating world behind. Her research includes visits to animal sanctuaries, in addition to the mountains of government and testing materials she has read in development of this children’s title, which is safe for young readers. Convinced these animals deserve quality of life, Mrs. Thumann-Calderaro believes they even exhibit human qualities.

Author Barbara Thumann-Calderaro
Benjamin Franklin

Today, Calderaro lives in Rutherford, New Jersey with her husband of 30 years, their two daughters (Amanda and Emily) and their dog, Benjamin Franklin (featured at the left of this posting). In addition to being an author, Barbara teaches sign language at her town’s adult school and conducts senior and baby sign language workshops. As a deaf and hard of hearing advocate, the author is recognized in her community as supporting productive causes.

Mrs. Barbara Thumann-Calderaro’s  title, Be Their Voice: Ignorance is Not Bliss is slated for release from her publisher DonnaInk Publications. This book will be available late summer 2013 through the publisher, also on “other” major retailers.

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  1. Looking forward to Barbara’s book being published! Great pictures! Meat eaters are called carnivores, right?


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