Does it cost a publisher to produce my title?

From the National Writing Examiner
Donna L. Quesinberry

Visit DonnaInk Publications today!The old question, What does a publisher do for ME? is as relevant today as it was in yesteryear. The difference today is, with the advent of e-publishing, many authors believe it costs nothing to publish an eBook.

Actually, they are wrong, ePublishing costs too.

So, what does it cost a publisher to produce MY book?

Traditionally, cost to produce a paperback novel scoped between $30,000 and $150,000 with differentiation based on:

  • Author Advances (usually only “A” list authors receive advances today)
  • Cover Design and Illustration Costs ($1500-$3000)
  • Distribution
  • Editing
  • Novel Size (typically between 200 and 1200 pages)
  • Printing
  • Production
  • Rights
  • Sales
  • Warehousing

And, percentages of earnings break down as follows:

  • 04% Warehousing
  • 08% Editorial
  • 12% Administrative and Other Associated Costs
  • 16% Production
  • 17% Paper, Printing, and Binding
  • 21% Sales and Marketing
  • 22% Royalties, Rights, and Permissions

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