Contests and Awards

Give it to me now!Contest rules  …

NOTE: DonnaInk Publications contests feature processing dates as NET15 and NET30. If a contest ends on the 1st through 15th of any given month, entrants are collected, assembled and awarded from the 16th through the 30th. If a contest ends on the 16th through the 30th, entrants are collected, assembled and awarded from the 1st through the 15th.

Winner fulfillment cannot occur until after a contest ends – not while it is still running.

This ensures all contestants are awarded simultaneously.

If a contest is “extended,” awards are delayed until contest end. This is a standard contest clause.

For all awards – Ms. Quesinberry and the DonnaInk Publications team remain anxious to deliver prizes to awardees, but guidelines have to be followed to be fair.

Contests may be extended if the terms of the contest are not met. And, contests may be cancelled, if no one responds, which happens on occasion.

The decision-making on contests is final.

If an extension occurs and your award is delayed, there is no need for alarm.

Awards are accounted for quarterly and registered for end of year close-out.

We know awardees get anxious and we used to award in tandem with contests; however, our policies have had to adjust with company growth and we found if we award during contests – some contestants are upset some awardees receive their prizes sooner – especially in small towns where awardees may know one another.

Thank you for your participation in author award contests and we hope to see a gift in your hands very soon!



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