Ragged right or justified – what is the right way to lay a book out

The case of ragged right … right or wrong in print? Like most things, this depends on who you are asking. Here are some viewpoints to consider…

  • The Publisher’s Viewpoint: a publisher believes justified text is best, because it saves them print production costs. Justified text provides more text per line and in a book comprised of over 500 pages – this results in less pages and more profit for the publisher.
  • The Doctor’s Viewpoint: a doctor will tell their patients reading ragged right text is better for their eyes and is the preferred manner of reading, especially leisurely reading because there is less eye strain and more entertainment value due to this. It is physically, less taxing.
  • The Author’s Viewpoint: an author will usually do what their publisher suggests and will not question justification. Today, due to publisher’s using justification to “save” on page count many authors believe justified copy is correct and that ragged right isn’t.
  • The Chicago Manual of Style’s Viewpoint: to avoid the appearance of inconsistent spacing between words and sentences, all text in a manuscript should be presented flush left (ragged right)—that is, lines should not be “justified” to the right margin.
  • The Scientist’s Viewpoint: comprehension and understanding is enhanced by ragged right or left-justification. The natural synapses of the brain’s firing mechanisms during “pleasurable reading” are best using ragged right justification – the balance of white space and natural layout of the words is beneficial to the reader.

Read the rest here: http://www.examiner.com/article/ragged-right-or-justified-the-right-way-to-lay-a-book-out


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