The 30 second elevator speech, still an essential tool

A 30 second elevator pitchFrom the Washington DC Government Business Examiner
Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry

Preparing an Elevator Speech or 30 Seconds or Less Presentation

The elevator speech has evolved from the advent of the Internet and venture capital to a short presentation selling your idea, book, invention, company or product. Think of the elevator speech as your business card in a vocal format. Briefly and succinctly, without sounding disingenuous, your presentation within 30 seconds or less is essential to garner quality results from your listeners.

Using an author with a new promising book is our example for this story. When an author happens to meet a film-maker, news anchor, columnist, bricks n’ mortar store owner, and etc. relative to the industry of promoting their title there is a need for authors to say who they are, what their title is about, what their vision is for their title, and how they and their publisher can aid the listener.

Research and Know Your Listener… 

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