Englewood native’s debut novel to be featured at Dayton Book Expo

JL1b_RSPDAYTON — Find the killer, restore your father’s legacy, save the world…all before finals week. So reads the tagline of Englewood native Joshua Lisec’s debut novel, “The Phoenix Reich.” A tale of stolen wealth, international conspiracy, and lost secrets of World War II history, Lisec’s novel will be featured at the annual Dayton Book Expo, held at Sinclair Community College on Saturday, April 27.

At the Expo, readers will have the chance to meet Lisec, get a signed copy of “The Phoenix Reich,” and sign up for exclusive giveaways, which include print and eBook copies of his novel as well as a Kindle eReader. Those interested in learning more about the craft of novel writing can attend a series of writing workshops at the Expo, at which Lisec will be featured as a Debut Novelist and Panelist.

For more information about the Dayton Book Expo, visit http://www.daytonbookexpo.com. April 27’s Expo will last from 11:00 AM through 4:00 PM at Sinclair’s David H. Ponitz Conference Center in Building 12. The campus address is 444 West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402.

About the Author:

Joshua Lisec is an adventure-thriller novelist and author of “The Phoenix Reich,” first installment of the Max Meyers Adventure saga. Lisec’s storytelling takes readers on extraordinary quests into the conspiracies and underworlds that haunt history. Told through the perspectives of relatable characters and interspersed with wit and insight, Lisec’s epic novels illuminate the forgotten forces that lurk among us, forces that can only be confronted by those who struggle to rise from mediocre lives and embrace destinies that are nothing less than terribly wonderful.

While “The Phoenix Reich” is slated for release on March 30, you can pre-order the novel at an exclusive discounted price from DonnaInk Publications today. Just visit http://www.donnaink.org and select the “Suspense” category under the “Current Titles” tab. You can also contact Joshua Lisec directly at joshua.lisec@donnaink.org.

Read it here: http://englewoodindependent.com/Main.asp?SectionID=14&SubSectionID=57&ArticleID=939


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