Enter Katsujinken’s Fall “Free Sword Giveaway Contest” Today!

Katsujinken, a Sword Arts Journal (www.katsujinkenmagazine.com) announced their annual Free Sword Giveaway Contest, one pre-sale purchase of the 4th limited print November release edition enters you and an annual subscription doubles your odds!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Don’t miss the Free Sword Giveaway – buy Volume 4 of Katsujinken today!

PRLog (Press Release)Oct 24, 2012 – A Pacific Solution Musashi SS798BD model katana forged in 1060 steel with a total length of 40 & 1/2″ is the featured gift for the Katsujinken Fall Free Sword Giveaway Contest. The Pacific Solution Musashi blade features bohi with a burgundy lacquered saya. An excellent addition to the sword lover’s collection. Runners up receive Katsujinken’s (www.katsujinkenmagazine.com) 10″ decals and/or quality t-shirt(s).

And, naturally, the true gift is Katsujinken Magazine! This quality publication builds the sword practitioner’s book shelves as the “only” quality Eastern | Western Sword Art magazine. Rich in imagery, Kat contains over 100 artful photographs and images in each volume. The stories range from professorial veterans to novice practitioners. Truly, a journalese magazine, Katsujinken presents tradition with emerging sword trends simultaneously. And, soon promises to house a classified sectional for artisans and their wares.The name Katsujinken means “Life Giving Sword.” Editor-in-Chief, Jason LeeA. Hatcher states, “The nature of those wielding swords is, ‘life giving.’ The Sword as an artform involves community liaisons, which are not only local and regional, but also national and international. The Sword Art enthusiast is a global entity and Katsujinken increasingly captures this reality in every volume.”This magazine features an Editor Message; a Samurai Speak Translation Lesson; Sensei and/or Trainer Spotlights; Dojo Spotlights; Instruction and/or Training Lessons (such as Making a Tsuka); book reviews (such as Swords and Swordsman, by Mike Loades); industry insights (such as The Japanese Sword, by Paul Martin); workshops (such as Chicago Sword Play’s Deed of Arms – Western Sword Art Workshop) and much more.

Released digitally (high-quality eReader and ePaperFlip) and print (limited runs in perfect-bound, full 4|4 color UV coating), their 4th volume ships in time for seasonal holidays. This magazine is a collector’s item worthy of any Sword Practitioner’s library and is soon to be entering mass distribution – so these early editions are certainly worth their weight as future collectibles.

And, the positive reviews are in, just reach some yourself:

“I have to say, I am very impressed. Excellent quality, really good and diverse articles, and great pictures. Well done, looking forward to the next issue, but think I will enjoy this one for a while.” ~David Drawdy Sensei, Virginia Kenshinkai

“I am looking forward to providing many articles for different issues of your magazine . . . this is a wonderful magazine.” ~Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani, Arms and Armor from Iran and Lexicon of Arms and Armor from Iran

“The inaugural e-edition of this splendid magazine arrived in my inbox last night. The print issue should be available shortly. This is a beautifully produced magazine with a wide range of superb features and photographs that will be irresistible to anyone with an interest in swords and related activities. You should rush to subscribe! I am quite sure that the print edition will become a collector’s item.” ~Mike Loades, Swords and Swordsmen

To enter the Fall Free Sword Giveaway Contest, simply place an order for the upcoming edition of Katsujinken, a Sword Arts Journal titled, “The West Coast Edition” at http://www.katsujinkenmagazine.com or http://www.donnaink.org. Or go directly to PayPal at payment@katsujinkenmagazine.com. Katsujinken is modestly priced at $15.99 per copy (plus shipping and handling).

The annual subscription is $60.00 and enters your name in the Sword Giveaway Contest two times! So, if you are all things sword or know someone who can benefit from an annual subscription – double your odds and treat them or yourself to an annual subscription!

The Katsujinken Team says, ​Gambatte (Good luck!).​


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