Katsujinken Accepts Advertisements from the Sword Community

March 2012

Jason Lee A. Hatcher, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Katsujinken, a Sword Arts Journal delivers a quality publication with extremely affordable advertisement rates for edged weaponry practitioners
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Katsujinken, a Sword Arts Journal Summer Edition

PRLog (Press Release)Oct 17, 2012 – Katsujinken, a Sword Arts Journal (www.katsujinkenmagazine.com)

is entering its second year of production. Currently, it is also being reviewed by brick and mortar | mass market distributors nationally and internationally. This is a magazine certain to make it on future news-stands for universal readers.Mr. Hatcher, Editor-in-Chief and Founder, determined to fashion his magazine after the skateboarder magazines he grew fond of while boarding at National Square Plaza in Washington DC (a favorite gathering spot for skateboarders in the Nation’s Capital) among other local haunts. It is only natural the entrepreneurial spirit would rise in Jason for mixed edged weaponry as the art forms took the place of his skateboarding, which he was quite talented at. And, one of his best friends also shares the entrepreneurial spirit with as a restauranteur in Baltimore Maryland, Johnny Rad’s (http://www.johnnyrads.com).

What drove these two gents? Could be they both hail from single-parent lifestyles where perseverance and drive added to imagination and creativity resulted in their separate paths in life and livelihood. While striving to deliver quality in publication or food is initially a labor of love – success is a key ingredient to the result of good labor. Katsujinken is just what the doctor ordered for the sword arts community-at-large. Like any other entrepreneurial effort – many supporters have ensured success and the future is bright due to people like YOU!

And, this mindset may also be the reason Mr. Hatcher sees fit to provide quality advertising at drastically low prices. He believes in building the community and aiding sword artisans and in delivering a magazine everyone can enjoy and benefit from.

Why not join this team of professionals today and advertise the Katsujinken Way!

Contact us now atadvertise@katsujinkenmagazine.com​

Quarter page – $25.00
Half page – $40.00
Full page – $80.00
Back Cover – $160.00

CMYK colored 300 dpi images
(tiff, gif and jpeg accepted)

​Full Page—7.375″w x 9.925″h
Back Cover—7.375″w x 7.875″h2/3
Page Vertical—4.75″w x 9.925″h1/2 Page
Horizontal—7.375″w x 4.85″h
1/3 Page Square—4.75″w x 4.85″h
1/3 Page Vertical—2.35″w x 9.925″h
1/4 Page Horizontal—7.375″w x 2.37


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