Horror Author Sean Adkins meets great success at Horrorfind and MonsterMania Convention

Sean Adkins attends horror conventions in both Pennsylvania and Maryland much to enjoyment of fans and stars alike!

DonnaInk Publications, THE BOOK NOOK, represented Author Sean Adkins at HorrorFind and Monster Mania Con in September . . .

Speculative fiction and horror writer Sean Adkins is ‘fresh off the campaign trail’ after his tour of Maryland | Pennsylvania horror events. While politicians run up and down the countryside promoting stars and their stripes; Adkins remains busy promoting his worldview delivered between the covers of “Wolfen: Bloodlines” (www.wolfen-

bloodlines.com). This neoteric reinvention of Werewolf lore, serves up the first of multiple ShapeShift serial novels. This Author’s unique perspective was validated by convention attendees and movie-stars alike through impressive encomiums and upbeat feedback, which energized both the Author and THE BOOK NOOK (www.donnaink.org) entourage who vendored at both events.
At HorrorFind Weekend (Gettysburg Pennsylvania), Adkins mixed and mingled with the likes of Count Gore Devol, Dee Williams, Doug Bradley, Ken Foree, Malcolm McDowell, Ray Wise and Tyler Mane. His daughter Madison, participated in HorrorFind’s Weekend Costume Contest, where she stole the show and received Children’s Category Award of 2nd place. Competing against nearly 50 contestants, an impressive score for Sean’s daughter. She managed her horror characterization well while sharing the stage with Dee Williams, Ken Foree, Lisa Marie, Grant Cramer, among others – as over 300 theatre-goers applauded from the seats below. Congratulations Madison – well done – bravo!!!!

At MonsterMania Con (Hunt Valley Maryland), Adkins eagerly promoted the “Wolfen: Bloodlines” tale of feuds, full moons and Lycanthropic self-discovery accompanied by his six foot, fully animatronic Werewolf sidekick, which he brought to the Con. Certainly a sight to behold, if not feared. Brave souls ventured forth in reach of the beast’s ferocious claws to purchase their pre-release novel(s) signed by the Author and often took photographs wrapped in animatronic Wolfen arms.

The ‘Savior of the Universe’ himself, Sam J. Jones (Starling Film’s Flash Gordon-1980), walked away with his very own copy of “Wolfen: Bloodlines.” Sean, the only Author allowed to conduct a reading at MonsterMania Con (Kudos to THE BOOK NOOK Team!), presented in the Maryland room. Fans of his novel, and horror alike, listened to his favored excerpts, then queried him regarding his inspirations. In watching video coverage on the Author blog (www.wolfenbloodlines.wordpress.com), you may uncover a teaser for his second novel of the series, which is currently in development!

THE BOOK NOOK, a DonnaInk Publications Imprint (www.donnaink.org), proud promoter, publicist and vendor of both events for Author Sean Adkin’s, also met great successes while representing Mr. Adkins. CEO-President Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, in conversations with Conrad Brooks, Count Gore Devol, Dee Williams, Doug Bradley, Ken Foree, Grant Cramer, Malcolm McDowell, Ted Moehring among others, secured impending book deals (memoir, debut filmography title and a magazine). And, in keeping with the sport of HorrorFind, she responded to the Ghostbuster character’s proddings to join the Costume Contest, then wound up actually winning first place as a SteamPunk Sovietress in the purchased costume category. Dee Williams and Ken Foree played up the action Dee accepted the SteamPunk Sovietress’s papers and handed them to Ken to reinsert in the character’s ample cleavage for hiding. It was great fun and good costume theatre.

During MonsterMania, in discussions with Karlos Borloff, Curator of Monster MadHouse, the SteamPunk Sovietress character was invited to air on the Monster MadHouse television program where Borloff intends to add angel wings and a jetpack to the costume prior to airing! Ms. Quesinberry also initiated negotiations with a well-known Washington DC theatre group for their future efforts.

Regarding Author Sean Adkins, Ms. Quesinberry stated, “THE BOOK NOOK Team was happy to represent ‘Wolfen: Bloodlines’ Author Sean Adkins at both horror events. Being new to the genre, the DonnaInk Publications Imprint Literary Team presented modestly at both events in order to earn our stripes among horror convention community goers. We  met wonderful artisans and horror genre lovers from all over the nation while supporting this Author’s work! These were fun and informative celebrations of horror. We are anxious to support Sean at more horror events in the near future! We are exceptionally proud at how well he mastered his reading and interactions with his fans.”

Author Sean Adkins can be found at:


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