New addition to THE BOOK NOOK Select Author Shelf: young adult & fantasy author Albert Cho

The BOOK NOOK signs young adult and fantasy author Albert Cho and his debut title, “The Rune Snatcher and Mystery Clown.”

Ms. Donna Quesinberry, CEO and President of THE BOOK NOOK announced successful negotiations in acquiring emergent young adult and fantasy author Albert Cho’s title The Rune Snatcher and the Mystery Clown, by Acquisitions Manager, Mr. James Weber.

“Albert really has a lock on young adult fantasy. He mixes elements of magic and sorcery with very real struggles in a child’s life. The result is not a mere escape into a world of pure imagination rather a head-first plunge into a foreign dimension where the stakes are high and the situation more tempestuous. I’m quite excited about Albert’s addition to the BOOK NOOK’s Select Author Shelf and anxiously await the release of The Rune Snatcher and the Mystery Clown,” stated Weber.

Cho’s novel centers around a young boy named Simon who hasn’t had the easiest time with things in his life. His father disappeared when he was young and his mother constantly works to make ends meet. What money she provides for Simon’s comfort, usually ends up in the pockets of Marcus Coleman – the meanest bully in school. Simon’s encounters with Coleman aren’t always a practice in extortion and agony. A quick study, Simon adapts. He eventually becomes more clever and hastier than Coleman and his pals. Of course, there is Rachel Fairburn, Simon’s 8th grade guardian angel. However, Simon shouldn’t have to rely on a girl for protection, . . . should he?

These complications take the back burner once Simon comes across a magic tome in the woods. What sacred knowledge rests inside? What of is the meaning of these changing riddles upon the book’s surface? And, more importantly, who does this magic item belong to? In order to answer these questions and more, Simon embarks on a magical adventure which transports him to an alternate universe with its own set of bullies. Only these bullies aren’t interested in Simon’s lunch money, . . . no they seek something much more . . . Something menacing!

Mr. Cho has dreamt of becoming a writer since he was in middle school and he is excited to the achievement of his goal in his stellar debut title, “The Rune Snatcher and The Mystery Clown.” When asked what inspired the work he states: “I have always wondered if our ‘bad’ outweighed our ‘good’ . . . I wanted readers to contemplate. Think instead of ignoring. And, to find answers which improve their outcomes. Plus, today’s educational landscape is rampant with bullies, but civil consciousness has been surfacing and this is finally being addressed by mainstream media. Perhaps, Simon’s tale will help achieve a greater awareness for today’s young adults. Simon’s adventures in this alternate world of magic and sorcery, present readers with both the ‘bad’ and the ‘good’ allowing them to search for improvement. Even Simon searches for answers to his own riddles.”

Look for, “The Rune Snatcher and Mystery Clown” in eBook by month’s end (September 2012) and print in October 2012 in time for the holiday season. Signings and other impending book affairs are to be shared with readership as they are available. Visit us on THE BOOK NOOK, a DonnaInk Publications Imprint (

and share in the experience of renewed publishing excellence – it is a matter of growth.

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