THE BOOK NOOK, signs Author Chip Esajian and his title, “The Victorious Mindset”

Author Chip Esajian agreed to negotiations for his title, “The Victorious Mindset” to be represented and published by THE BOOK NOOK, a DonnaInk Publications Imprint.
Author Chip Esajian signs with THE BOOK NOOK PRLog (Press Release)Sep 08, 2012 – Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, CEO-President of DonnaInk Publications announced (September 2012) successful negotiation in signing author Chip Esajian and his new title, “The Victorious Mindset.” Donna states, “Chip Esajian is an inspiration. His victorious mindset presents a positive memeology aiding everyone in reach. Chip infects people with his positive energy, hope, love and encouragement and he educates others on how to see their insurmountable mountains move aside as they achieve their dreams.

What better qualities for THE BOOK NOOK to represent to our readership? Mr. Esajian serves life and people as a qualitative individual working day and night to better his community, locality, our nation and the world, so DonnaInk Publications Book Nook says. . . Welcome Chip! And, thank you for joining our select authors and their titles!”

“The Victorious Mindset,” is a simple, complete and powerful system, which demonstrates how to go from victim to victory, from scarcity to abundance, from hating life to experiencing extraordinary happiness in life and how to enjoy the truth of freedom in living a positive lifestyle. Readers discover how to create an extraordinary and victorious mindset of abundance while attracting others – Chip presents a road-map to the imagined life as reality.

Some Chip Esajian quotes include:

“As you elevate your mindset, you will elevate your opportunities in life.” -Chip Esajian


To encourage another towards victory in their life is to create a more wonderful level of happiness and abundance in yours’-Chip Esajian


“Be such an extraordinary encouragement to others that long after you’ve left their presence you’re still in their mind inspiring them”-Chip Esajian


“Create Extraordinary happiness from extreme gratefulness, not from financial or circumstantial gain or loss and build an amazing bridge above anxiety and fear”– Chip Esajian

Print release, signings and other impending book affairs will be shared with THE BOOK NOOK readership as they are available. Visit us on THE BOOK NOOK, a DonnaInk Publications Imprint (

and share in the experience of renewed publishing excellence – it is a matter of growth.Join Chip and our other select authors today. (


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