Introducting ZenCon (the Art of Zen Consciousness) in government and commercial contracting

DonnaInk Publications changed the title of their government and commercial contracts business to ZenCon, Art of Zen Consulting
ZenCon, an Art of Zen Consultancy, PRLog (Press Release)Aug 31, 2012 – Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, President – CEO of DonnaInk Publications announces a change in the title of her government (federal, state, local) and commercial (501 [c][3], etc.) business arm to ZenCon. Ms. Quesinberry supports the government and commercial industry emergent, small, mid-size small, 501(c)(3) and Fortune companies in capture administration, business maturity life-cycle development, strategic planning and fulfillment relative to bids, presentations, proposals and tenders as well as relative business development and proposal shop coaching requirements.

With over 18 years in the acquisitions and procurement industry, ZenCon, formerly DonnaInk Publications, provides Clients with extensive federal, state, local and commercial arena past performance featuring over 2000 proposals submissions  including large ID|IQ’s (Indefinite Delivery | Indefinite Quantity), which the procurement industry requires today and an over 80% contract award ratio for mixed and diverse end clients (not sure wins).

ZenCon, formerly DonnaInk Publications, has delivered in excess of 25,000 documents earned while serving as an industry lead for electronic publishing, lead technology trending, alternative price packaging and introduction of progressive solutions. Additionally, as the forerunner in virtual and out-of-the-box – turnkey solutions for proposal and grant communities, ZenCon provides packaged solutions as well as Consultant Agreements and per product pricing through extensive payment options (3 tiers of payment with multi-options per payment tier). Most of the ZenCon innovations, were unheard of until DonnaInk Publications presented out-of-the-box thinking including lead technologies and progressive initiatives such as cloud computing, carbon footprint reductions,etc.

According to ZenCon, they provide an added bonus of one-on-one consulting and/or full-team fulfillment. Ms. Quesinberry states, “Where organizations require a personal touch have one; those requiring a team composite are fulfilled as well. ZenCon promises to be as small as Clients desire and large (through previously vetted 1099 Miscellaneous personnel) as necessary and provides executive advisory committee vetting and staff augmentation (8-12.5%) for difficult position titles such as key stakeholders and intelligence community interests. We often take the small niche’ market company and build them to mid-size contenders. 20% of last years Washington Technology’s Fast 50 we have aided in the past.”

Truly a definite woman-owned small businessin the market today, ZenCon defines  workload breakdown structures, identifies and secures key personnel and performs cost analysis, modeling and price-outs. 80%+ ratio over 5-yr term ($500M small-firms;

$10B in ID|IQ revenue). ZenCon solutions industries include:
– Aerospace
– Agriculture
– Defense
– Education
– Energy
– Healthcare
– Information Technology
– Intelligence Community
– Networking
– Telecommunications
Mention this press release and ZenCon will provide an 88 hour proposal solution in the upcoming 10 months for a flat rate of $3000.00 (rules and regulations apply).Write or call today and congratulate ZenCon on an innovative Zen representation in government and commercial acquisitions and procurement business practices. Less stress! More success!!!!

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