THE BOOK NOOK, a DonnaInk Publications Imprint signed new children’s author Jeannie Palmer

After successful negotiations, THE BOOK NOOK signed new children’s Author Jeannie Palmer and her upcoming title “Shattered.”
Author of Shattered, Jeannie Palmer PRLog (Press Release)Aug 29, 2012 – Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, CEO-President of THE BOOK NOOK, a DonnaInk Publications Imprint announced (August 2012) successful negotiation in signing emergent author Jeanie Palmer and her new title, “SHATTERED.”
Ms. Quesinberry states, “We find it a privilege to add new talent such as Jeannie Palmer. Her title is progressive and interestingly complex, with an added benefit of children’s metaphor delivered in an appealing voice young people enjoy. We are delighted to add Ms. Palmer to THE BOOK NOOK select author shelf. Welcome Jeannie!”In Shattered, a young girl named Vanessa discovers a looking glass while unpacking her things. Her parents have recently been through a divorce and the family is still adjusting to life after the split. Vanessa tries to pretend she isn’t broken up about it when her friends Camille and Gloria come over for a sleep over. However, the re-appearance of a mysterious looking glass seems to cloud her emotions rather than clarify them. She is upset and afraid. It seems like the only thing remaining constant is the uncanny artifact.Palmer started working with children when she was nineteen years old. Many of them came from broken homes, whether from alcohol and drug abuse or some other domestic ailment. She realized that introducing the children to animals often gave them the sense of unconditional love which they lacked within their own domestic arena. In this way she was able to experience the transformations of many children from a state of low self-esteem, to one of healthy self-esteem. When asked what inspired her to write Shattered she states “. . . it is my goal to reach out and share a message with [children] no matter what challenges they may face in life, they can and will get through them.”
About THE BOOK NOOK Author: when not riding horses, chasing chickens or herding cats, Jeanie spends her time writing, blogging and freelancing. She is the mother of two boys and a wife. She is a friend to life and spirituality, and a torch bearer for stray animals. She would love nothing more than to continue to write uplifting books for young children in the hope that she will continue to make a positive difference in their lives.Join Jeannie Palmer:


Impending eBook, trade and events | signings are forthcoming. For more information about Jeannie Palmer and her title as well as other BOOK NOOK authors, visit our website:


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