THE BOOK NOOK, a DonnaInk Publications Imprint signs author Caroline Scutt

Aug 29, 2012 – Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, CEO-President of THE BOOK NOOK, a DonnaInk Publications Imprint announced (August 2012) successful negotiation in signing emergent author Caroline Scutt and her debut title, “Some Girls.” Ms. Quesinberry states, “Caroline was referred to THE BOOK NOOK through another author and we are glad he did so. Ms. Scutt’s title touches on delicate subjects regarding youth and young women. Scutt’s writing focuses around the experience of a young woman just beginning to understand her sexuality only to find that the consequences of her decisions are not only serious but very real . . . Caroline, THE BOOK NOOK welcomes you to our family of authors!”

It had been a few weeks since the first time Nicole and John had sex. John hadn’t wanted to wear a condom and even though he ‘pulled out’, Nicole was still nervous. But she wasn’t going to wait for him to come back from vacation before taking matters into her own hands. Her and her friend Anna would go to Planned Parenthood and get protection. Nicole found it difficult to keep her breath in the clinic. Everyone was staring. But she kept it; after all she was making the responsible decision by going there in the first place. John would be so happy when he came home and heard the news. With the birth control they could have sex whenever they wanted. They were safe. Then Nicole started to feel nauseous through-out the day. She called the clinic but they wouldn’t talk to her over the phone. If she had trouble keeping her breath before it was completely gone now. She still couldn’t wait for John to get home although the news she had to tell him was not anything she had anticipated.

Caroline Scutt – Some Girls

About THE BOOK NOOK Author: Caroline Scutt began writing at a very young age, filling her diary with her views on the world as only a young girl can see them. Soon her diaries became journals, and the journals became notebooks. Her writing reached maturity in the form a series of articles for “Travel Weekly”. Since then she has authored many articles on a variety of topics and forums. SOME GIRLS is her debut novel. When she isn’t writing, Carolyn can be found sharing her love of books at her shop, The Book Garden, in Frenchtown N.J. She has a husband, Jeff, and a daughter Jullia, as well as a house full of furry pets!

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(Caroline Scutt website coming soon: eBook, trade and events | signings are forthcoming. For more information about Caroline Scutt and her title as well as other BOOK NOOK authors, visit our website:

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