DonnaInk Publications “THE BOOK NOOK” signs new adventure-thriller author Joshua Lisec

Aug 16, 2012 – Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, CEO-President of DonnaInk Publications – THE BOOK NOOK – announced successful new author negotiations by Acquisitions Manager, Mr. James Weber in signing Joshua Lisec and his title, “The Phoenix Reich.”

James states, “We are honored to represent Mr. Lisec. He is a value add to our select author shelf. The Phoenix Conspiracy seizes readers’ imaginations through a tangible combination of contemporary action coupled with mysterious archival revelations in Nazi history. As a source of suspense and intrigue, The Phoenix Reich results in an electrifying adventure. Lisec’s novel transports readers to the front seat of action through well-crafted characters who simultaneously appear both familiar and enigmatic; all of which is delivered through tightly woven narrative.”

With anticipation, The Book Nook team joins Mr. Weber’s and Ms. Quesinberry’s statement to Mr. Lisec. . . “Welcome to The Book Nook select author shelf. Thank you for sharing your newest title, The Phoenix Reich with our dedicated, growing, readership.”


Joshua Lisec is a freelance writer | editor from Dayton Ohio. He has ghostwritten a variety of works and holds an Associate of Arts in Communication Arts as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication. Mr. Lisec states, “I enjoy action, adventure, thriller stories and motion pictures. Some of my favorites include series such as: Indiana Jones, Bourne Identity and National Treasure. It is probably easy to figure out – I’m an action, adventure, suspense author for this very reason. I’m thankful for this opportunity and look forward to getting to know my readers in the not too distant future.”
What people are saying:
“Joshua’s novel is sensationally incisive. The plot involves unpredictable twists and turns, which remain fluid in their presentation. Just what the doctor ordered for a suspense junkie thrill ride.”Donna L. Quesinberry, CEO DonnaInk Publications, THE BOOK NOOK.Impending eBook, trade and events | signings are forthcoming. For more information about Joshua Lisec and other BOOK NOOK authors, visit our website today:

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