DonnaInk Publications signs new horror author Sean Adkins

The DonnaInk Publications Book Nook announces signing of author Sean Adkins and his new book, Wolfen: Bloodlines ( a Shape-Shift Series title.
Wolfen: Bloodlines – Sean Adkins PRLog (Press Release)Apr 26, 2012 – Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, CEO-President of DonnaInk Publications announced (April 2012) successful negotiation in signing author Sean Adkins and his new title, Wolfen: Bloodlines.

Ms. Quesinberry states, “The Book Nook is pleased to present an emergent horror writer who delves into the world of werewolves. Sean, an artist by nature, is a talented tattooist turned author. He spins an evocative journey into a world where inner beasts are allowed to surface for all who dare to venture into their world. Advanced readers are in awe – asking when they can receive a final print copy and when is his next title being released? A true author, Sean is working on the sequel now. At the Book Nook we are impressed believing horror genre readers and “others” are in for a treat this year. So, with a dose of excitement – the Book Nook says . . Welcome Sean Adkins to the DonnaInk Publications Book Nook, thank you for joining our select authors and titles. . .”

From the author:
Sean Adkins was born in Maryland  in 1974 to the P.G. County Goat Man and Sasquatch. He was eventually found under Cry Baby Bridge, in Upper Marlboro Md.,where his new parents raised him from that point forward. An early incident when he was younger changed his perceptions on books and since that time he has became an avid reader. He has always been a fan of Monster/Horror movies, with a leaning towards the monsters. During the late 1970’s, he started watching “Creature Feature,” hosted by famous horror host Count Gore De Vol. This would bring Sean further into the realm of his roots. After spending five years in law enforcement, he knew that this was not the career path for him, but the one great thing that came from it was the beginning of the Shape-Shift Series. He left law enforcement in the fall of 2007 and entered the tattooing becoming a tattoo artist by the end of that year.

You can currently find Sean at the following location for all your body art needs.
10537 Theodore Green Blvd.
White Plains, MD. 20695
Phone: (301) 932-0277

Print release, signings and other matters of importance will be shared soon!

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