DonnaInk Publications signs image consultant Dr. Joyce Knudsen

Apr 26, 2012 – Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, CEO-President of DonnaInk Publications announced (April 2012) successful negotiation in signing author Dr. Joyce Knudsen and her new title, SYMBOLS, the Art of Communication. Donna states, “We are honored to represent Joyce and for her to join our talented select author Book Nook shelf. As a national image consulting and leadership industry treasure, Dr. Joyce Knudsen’s advanced reader reviews for SYMBOLS are energizing. With a forward by Michael Rushnak (best-selling author), Dr. Knudsen’s new title shares the art of human communications and the profound realities of our SYMBOLS. Dr. Joyce Knudsen, is a phenomenal personality on many levels. She is an instant friend to everyone lucky enough to journey across her path in life. So, with a dose of humility we at the Book Nook say. . . Welcome Dr. Joyce Knudsen, to DonnaInk Publications Book Nook. Thank you for joining our select authors and their titles. . .”

From Dr. Joyce Knudsen’s LinkedIn:
If you feel better about yourself, people will feel better around you. Image is not just about appearance; it’s introspective. At The ImageMaker, Inc® we teach both. As a self-esteem counselor since l985, I realized that the numbers of people with low self-worth is staggering. This disturbs me. These people have tolerated the verbal insults of people throughout their life. I’ve seen CEO’s break down and cry in their offices, because of something a parent or teacher said to them 20 years ago! I understand. I’ve been there. How I dealt with this was to write a book called Successful Failures years ago, because that is what I am….a person who defied all limitations, worked on my own self-esteem and moved on to undeniable success in both my personal and profession life. If you feel bad inwardly, know that this is a temporary condition. YOU CAN AND WILL ACHIEVE if you allow yourself to work with a professional, who has not only been there, but has the credentials to help you achieve your dreams. This, my friends, will be my pleasure.

What people are saying:
“Dr Joyce is a high integrity expert in supporting men and women to put forth their best impression and maximize their personal effectiveness by looking their best and possessing charismatic energy.” Joe Rubino, CEO, The Center for Personal Reinvention

“Joyce Knudsen is the first consultant to create a distance learning training program. She has been a dedicated professional at all levels.” Dominique Isbecque, Past President, AICI

Print release, signings and other matters of importance will be shared soon! Visit us on the Book Nook ( and share in the experience of renewed publishing excellence – it is a matter of growth. Join our select authors today.

Dr. Joyce Knudsen – Symbols

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