The coup de grâce for businesses in 2012 and developmental solutions

Coupling legacy and past performance to knowledge-driven future-focused business parameters may serve as the coup de grâce for business in 2012
DonnaInk Publications PRLog (Press Release)Jan 21, 2012 – Understanding the future is derived from long-standing comprehension of the past. Coupling legacy and past performance to knowledge-driven future-focused business parameters built on capture strategy insight and solid throughput results in winning solutions and may serve as the coup de grâce for business in 2012. This is especially true for emergent, small and mid-sized organizations, where learning curves may make or break them in our current economic market.

In 2012, it is essential to gain recognition and position in an environment where ID|IQs rapidly move to 50% share of all federal solicitation offers. It is necessary to identify with state initiatives embracing ID|IQ proforma – even if there often appears to be a misunderstanding of an ID|IQ by the states themselves.

Today, organizational baseline analyses determining acquisition, procurement and tender focus points among capture; business development; and executive, technical and management solutions strategies is a requirement for companies.

As an “ace in the hole” Consultant Level IV – V inVirtual Work Way of Business Model ® provider, DonnaInk Publications our methods befit organizations through retrofitted traditions we join with future-focused initiatives featuring over 18-years in these industries – DonnaInk remains an innovator leading trends. Once a trend is being followed, we’re focusing on the horizon – DonnaInk Publications proffers expertise rarely gained elsewhere.Our proposal solution industry reach back includes:
– Aerospace
– Agriculture
– Defense
– Education
– Energy
– Healthcare
Information Technology
– Intelligence Community
– Networking
– Space
– TelecommunicationsOur grant writing industry services involve:
– Business Grant Proposals
– Commercial Vendor Grant Writing
– Custom-Fitted Grant Writing
– Educational Grant Writing
– Federal Grant Writing
– Mini-Grant Proposal Writing
– Non-Profit Grant Writing
– Rush Proposal Grant Writing

Our GSA Schedule reach back and support includes:
– Preparation
– Analysis
– Development
– Letters
– Pricing
– Negotiations
– Teaming
– Post-Award Administration
– Change Management
– Close-out

This season there really isn’t a lot of time available to mitigate acquisition, procurement and tender risk or for L2 (lessons-learned) when securing new business is essential and organizational  achievement of G&O (Goals and Objectives) equates to success. In the past, DonnaInk Publications has aided small businesses, thereby increasing annual market shares in millions demonstrating notable spikes in their financial schema. And, this has been achieved through provision of solution strategy excellence with an eye on fulfillment, which we believe begins at capture and is not due to wanting to win an award. Our end clients know where DonnaInk Publications is involved – ethics follow.

Our Three Tier Payment Plan involves:

1) Per Product Rate with two options and incentives
2) Consultant Agreement with fixed annual rates and Technical Services Agreements based on those rates for a palate of services and supports
3) Month-to-month Retainer featuring an annual agreement with diverse solution strategies and fixed investment where capture; business development; and executive, technical and management stop-gaps, voids or enhancement requirements of an organization’s fabric are noted after formal baseline analyses, with identifiers and restorative outcomes are defined in addition to development of acquisitions, procurement and tenders.

DonnaInk provides discounts and instructs companies in how to make outsourcing an affordable option. We are known for reasonable pricing and delivery excellence.

Visit our website today ( for less stress! More success!!!!

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DonnaInk Publications is a woman-owned, small-business featuring two business tracks 1) Book Nook (select author agent and small press publisher) and 2) Government (federal, state, local) and Commercial (501 [c][3], 501 [c][4], 501 [c][9], agency, corporate) Contracts.


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